Well this is the first time I’ve ever

21 May

Well this is the first time I’ve ever blogged! I just wanted to say that after being a lifelong fan of American Football, or as we call it where I’m from….Football, and a 40+ year fan of the first team to wear purple, the Minnesota Vikings, I will finally get to see them play live this coming Sept in London! I’ve lived in the UK 11 years now and it took me living here to get to see my childhood favorite NFL team. If  not for” bumping” into 2 Football players in Coventry I would have never known there was an American Football League here in the UK! I got involved with the team as their play by play guy, through an invitation by the team. I did that at the Jaguars home games during their final few games, in 2004. That August my life changed as I volunteered to suit up in an exhibition game and because of a freak injury I found myself laid up for a very long time. Of course my playing “career” was over as soon as it started as it was on the first play I was involved in! The following season, even tho I was still hurting from the injury I was still gonna be their play by play guy. I used to go to practices just yo get to know the team better and then I was asked to help with the LB’s. Because of another change in the Coaching line up I was asked to be the LB Coach! I was able to Coach on the best team, at the time, in the UK and would later be one if the top 10 teams in Europe. Because of the newly rebranded Coventry Jets, I was able to travel and see and experience loads of new things! During my time with the team I was able to also be a part of a team that won 3 championships over 3 Divisions. It was a record breaking team and I was truly blessed to be part of it. If not for having to give Coaching up because my foot injury still gives me loads of grief, I’d still be on the sidelines! Well, that’s a bit of my story, and I’m sticking to it! SKOL VIKINGS!